Book about my personal life story

Loss, Being true to Ourselves and Starting over

In my personal life I went through many experiences of loss, loneliness and starting all over again. In my own life, this created a very deep connection with my own soul and core and staying true to the path of my own life that comes from my heart and truly belongs to me.

I am writing a book about my own life story. The focus of the book is the spiritual core, that lies within all of us. The book is about how we can develop self-trust and contact with our soul and stay true to, and find our own life path. It tells how we can move on, after death, loss and huge setbacks. And create a new life.

As a result of this way of living, of following my heart and soul, big decisions came about. Mainly about how and where I wanted to live my life. As a result of that, I have travelled, lived or worked independently in almost every continent in the world. In which I particularly spent a lot of time with local populations. And always followed my greatest love and destiny; that of developing personal growth and a spiritual life path.