Coaching and Consultancy

Sometimes I’m asked for a variety of different coaching- and consultancy assignments.

Since I especially focus on my research, books and field projects, I don’t always have the opportunity for it.

But some requests are so beautiful or interesting that I’d love to do it and make time for it.

Requests that I’ve been asked for over the years are how to set- up a foundation, for individuals or families choosing to set up a  (family- ) foundation. It has included; finding your purpose and how to connect with your local projects and all that comes with setting up and running a (small) (family- ) foundation. In addition, I also consult and advise by visiting local field projects all around the world and carry out small- scale evaluations for organisations and foundations that can’t be present themselves or want a fresh professional viewpoint on the functioning of their projects.

If anything comes to mind and you’d like to hire me as a consult or coach on the point mentioned above, or something completely different but related to my experience; Feel free to get in contact with me.


I also can be booked for giving workshops on all the above topics.

I have developed simple tools and provide guidance in relation to the subjects mentioned. I will work in small groups.

On the subjects of death and loss.

Wealth and how to spend it differently. And how to set up an own foundation and find a purpose.

The gender work will be organized in collaboration with the foundation Victory for Equality and Gender Works South Africa. We organize three day gender reconciliation workshops or one day gender reconciliation tasters.


  • Men and Women

    Men as part of the gender story: About my long term research and book about men.  Focusing on men’s side of the story. Based upon multiple year of research in South Africa and The Netherlands.

  • Death and Loss

    How to perceive and experience it differently, and in a more positive way. A different approach.

  • Money and Power

    The transformative effect money can have: What money really means, and how wealth can be returned to society.

  • The Foundation

    The background, projects, and my experience of setting up and leading a foundation.

More about the themes

My most recent research I have carried out over the last couple of years. After several- years field research about inequality between women and men. What started with a PhD. research in Tanzania and South Africa. Later this research expanded to the Western world and the Netherlands in particular, and I started mainly focusing on the stories of men. A book about this topic will be published later this year. Together with a team I also work on a documentary and multi- media project on this subject.

My interest in death as a subject has to do with my own personal life. I lost my father and brother in two separate car accidents. Later I also lost my loved one and dear friend in another accident while I lived in Tanzania, aside from the loss of two other important men in my life.

Because of this, I have been deeply touched by death. But also have become fascinated by the way we usually seem to perceive death. The negativity and taboo- aspect that is usually associated with it. Nevertheless, pain and grief and mourning are undeniable. I have never experienced death myself as negative. I’ve experienced and have been exposed to other ways and perspectives to look at death and to deal with it differently.

Therefore I’ll be writing a book about death and loss that highlights a different take on it.

I am also working on a children’s book, which embodies a more light hearted perspective regarding death compared to other works presently available

Through my own family background and my journey for many years in my working life in poor countries, I have been deeply intrigued by the many sides money has. The dark and light side of money and the beautiful and good that it can do. But also the viscous power structures, that frequently hide behind money.

Myself, I have set up the foundation Victory for Equality after my brother Victor deceased. To try to accomplish the positive and transformative force that money can also be.

Awareness covers many fields and areas. Among other things, the deeper life- and universal themes that I have described for this.

But how can we take responsibility for ourselves and the world? How can we handle our resources differently; like time, knowledge and money. To create a fruitful life for ourselves and others which areas we can build upon?

Our Western world is ingrained with being fast paced, with accomplishments, achievements, an outward focus, reasoning and thinking. Through research and the many years I spent in other cultures, I saw and came across a very different way of living, and how we can live from a more silent and intuitive source.