Ik ben Caroline Dusée

Antropoloog op het gebied van Persoonlijke Groei. Schrijver, Spreker en Oprichter van Victory for Equality.

I spend my life between the Netherlands, South Africa and many other countries worldwide. As a researcher, writer and speaker I contribute on core- level themes as Death and loss, Power and money, Spirituality  and the Relationship between men and women in society. My work is characterized by giving a deep, personal and cultural- international context to existing themes. I focus mainly on personal growth and individual development for the personal life. But from there, my researches contribute also in raising deeper  awareness for social themes. The overall purpose of my work is to contribute to more consciousness in people’s lives and the world as a whole.



In our society and personal lives, the relationship between men and women is under high pressure. Looking for a new balance, I break with the last taboo and tell through the lens of a worldwide research the stories of men about their hidden grief. I speak with men from cities and countries such as New York, South Africa, England and The Netherlands. From businessmen, to gangsters and working fathers about universal themes such as vulnerability, prestige and violence. Men tell about their relationship with women and other men and their role as a son, partner and father. An important part of the research focuses on how we can change, reconcile and come closer together.

Dit onderzoek verschijnt in het boek: Het verborgen verdriet van de man, in November 2020, bij uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam. De Nederlandse uitgave zal gevolgd worden door vertalingen in het Engels en Afrikaans en er komt een visuele weergave van dit onderzoek.
Spirituality and Awareness

Our Western world is ingrained with being fast paced, with accomplishments, achievements, an outward focus, reasoning and thinking. Spirituality and intuition have often become a separated or non- existing part of our daily lives. While spirituality and intuition have an enormous value for our existence.

Given by my own nature, my researches and my many years spending in different cultures and with local and native people, I saw and came across a very different way of living. And how we can live life from a more spiritual, silent and intuitive source. The meaning of spirituality in our lives. And how we can take deeper responsibility for ourselves and the world.

Money and Power

Through my own family background and my journey for many years in my working life in poor countries, I have been deeply intrigued by the many sides money has. The beauty and light it can bring into the world and the setup of my foundation with inherited money. As well as it’s negativity, fear and deeply rooted power structures that frequently hide behind it. In my working life I speak a lot about money and transformation for the good.

Death and Loss

My next book will be about death and loss. My own life has been deeply touched by loss and death.   This book will be partly based on my own life history, whereby I lost my father and brother in two different car accidents. Later my stepfather died. And I lost my beloved friend in a plane crash. Thereafter, death and loss hit my family a few other times. My next book will be a  personal story about death and loss but will also offer a different vison on death and a new and lighter perspective on how to deal with death and the losses in our lives.

I am trying to form a bridge between the Western and Non Western world, South Africa and the Netherlands, the Wealthy and the Poor, Men and Women and the meaning of Death in Life.


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