I am Caroline Dusée

Anthropologist, writer, speaker and Founder of Victory for Equality.

I’m a Dutch cultural anthropologist, researcher, writer, speaker and founder of the Victory for Equality foundation.

I spend my life between the Netherlands, South Africa and many other countries worldwide. As a researcher, writer and speaker I contribute on core- level themes as Death and loss, Power and money, Men and women and Awareness in general to bring transformation in the word.


Everything Caroline does revolves around these four themes

Men and Women

Men and their side of the story. A several- years long research I have carried out in mainly South Africa and partly the Western world about and amongst men. Their pain, their struggle and their vision on their position towards women. Expected book publication 2018. Documentary about the same topic in making for 2018/ 2019.

Death and Loss

A book with a different and more positive view on death. Based on my own life history whereby I lossed both my father and brother in two different car accidents and later my dear friend and loved one in another accident. Aside from the loss of two other important men in my life. My life has been deeply touched by death. Therefore with my writings, I will offer a different but also lighter and more positive vision on how to look on death and deal with it differently than we are used to.

Power and Money

Through my own family background and my journey for many years in my working life in poor countries, I have been deeply intrigued by the many sides money has. The beauty and light it can bring into the world and the setup of my foundation with inherited money. As well as it’s negativity, fear and deeply rooted power structures that frequently hide behind it. In my working life I speak a lot about money and transformation for the good.


Our Western world is ingrained with being fast paced, with accomplishments, achievements, an outward focus, reasoning and thinking. Through research and the many years I spent in other cultures, I saw and came across a very different way of living, and how we can live from a more silent and intuitive source. How can we take real responsibility for ourselves and the world? And the deeper life themes like death, loss, power, money and gender that touches all of our lives.

I am trying to form a bridge between the Western and Non Western world, South Africa and the Netherlands, the Wealthy and the Poor, Men and Women and the meaning of Death in Life.


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